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US Money Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 offers a quick introduction and acknowledgment that we are
a nation in financial distress with a dysfunctional democracy.

US Money Chapter 2 – Foundation Piecing

Chapter 2 begins with some concepts that, while not specifically about
money, provide a foundation of important ideas. You may find you can
skim through this section because the ideas are familiar.

US Money Chapter 3 – Money Fundamentals

Chapter 3 explains what the many different kinds of money systems
have in common. It defines the questions we must ask of any money
system in order to understand it and differentiate it from other systems.

US Money Chapter 4 – Money Systems

Chapter 4 explains each of the major kinds of money systems.

US Money Chapter 5 – Our Current System

Chapter 5 explains how our specific money system in the United
States works.

US Money Chapter 6 – Consequences

Chapter 6 is about the consequences of our current choice of system.

US Money Chapter 7 – Backwards, Bandages & Bridges

Chapter 7 presents some common ideas about making improvements
– classified as backwards, bandages and bridges.

US Money Chapter 8 – Modern Money

Chapter 8 explains a simple change that would transform our system
and our lives. And it presents an invitation to participate in writing
a new law.

US Money Chapter 9 – Impact of New Money

Chapter 9 explains how making this simple change could reduce prices,
debt, and taxes. It would give us a safer and more stable economy and
shift us from constantly spending on crisis management to spending
on building genuine prosperity for all of us.

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