US Money Chapter 2 – Foundation Piecing

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Foundation Piecing 2.5 Systems matter: different field, different rules, different values lead to different outcomes

Our money system is like a playing field; it determines what rules are needed and how the game is played. For example, you cannot play football on a tennis court. Or if you run at a nearby school, you will likely run on …

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.6 Our money system matters

The middle class is shrinking and poverty is growing. Jobs are going overseas. The top one percent is getting richer while everyone else gets poorer. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Taxes and government debt are hi…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.7 Math matters – exponential growth: you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own math

The difference between linear and exponential growth must be absolutely clear to understand our money system and its impact on our lives. Any growth by a percentage is exponential. When we talk about a 3 percent annual g…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.8 Math matters – ponzis & pyramid schemes

A money system designed for exponential growth cannot be sustained and produces predictable undesirable outcomes. Understanding the unbending mathematical reality of a pyramid scheme helps explain why this is true. A pyr…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.9 Human nature matters

I’ve read about 100 books on money, including many tomes by the acknowledged experts of economics. Throughout my studies I noticed the authors overlook or minimize a vital aspect of economics one that could transform the…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.10 Human nature – the blind men and the elephant

An old Sufi story tells of a long ago king who heard stories about an enormous and strange animal in a faraway land. He was curious to know more about it and sent his wisest men to learn what they could and return to inf…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.11 Nature matters – efficiency vs. resilience and diversity

Life is full of the unexpected. And as the saying goes, Shit Happens. Extreme weather, bugs, blights, and disease happen. Even too much of a good thing can create devastating and unpredicted hard times. In the natural w…

2 September 18, 2018
Foundation Piecing 2.12 Clear thinking matters

We cannot have a productive national dialogue if we think we are talking about money when we’re really talking about governance or economic policy. The beginning of a useful dialogue is to ask, What are we talking about? …

2 September 18, 2018
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